Syrian Dreams


                                                                                                   WELCOME TO  C A R T O O N I N G   S Y R I A  !

Cartooning Syria is an exhibition of 35 Syrian cartoonists from allover the globe: Middle-East, Europe, Asia and North America. Spring 2017 it started  in the Netherlands and Norway. From 1 - 22 Oktober Cartooning Syria is to be seen in Middelburg (Zeeland - NL).  
Cartooning Syria is the first exhibition of Syrian cartoonists joined together. The cartoons are from before the uprising in 2011 and during the still ongoing war in Syria. The  cartoonists show their uncensored  images and most of them were forced to leave their beloved country.


The book of the exhibition has been published by publishing house Jurgen Maas. It is almost sold out. A revised edition with  7 more cartoonists and 2 new articles is in production.